This contest got kids thinking about evolution, imagination and art. Although the contest is over, you can still do this as a great science and art activity with your kids! Read on to find out how.

We asked kids to:

1. Pick an animal

Polar bears have white fur like the snow, and giraffes have long necks to reach tall trees. Kids first picked any animal and figure out how its body fits into its world.

2. Imagine an island

What would happen to a group of these animals if they were stranded on an island with a different environment? What if snow were green on the island, or trees were short? Imagine a weird new island for the animal. After a looooong time, the animals' descendants might evolve to fit this new world.

3. Draw an evolved animal

How would the animal look after it evolved to fit its new island? Would polar bears be green? Would giraffes have short necks, or maybe short legs? The kids' drawings were their contest entries.

We got fifty entries, all of them amazing. Hard as it was, our judges selected three winners and a bunch of finalists. Everybody who entered got a personal certificate of thanks and appreciation from Charlie himself!

So go ahead, download the instructions (to the right), grab a kid, and evolve some animals! We're always happy to see your drawings if you'd like to send them in.