We asked kids to think of an animal, imagine it in a different environment, and draw a picture of how it might evolve in that environment after a long time. The fifty entries we received were judged on scientific understanding and artistic merit. Agonizing as it was to decide, our judging panel did manage to select...

Our Winners!

Ages 4-6

Ages 7-9

Ages 10-12







Click on a name to see the entry.

Here's what the winners will receive! We'll also be interviewing each winner on our blog, so stay tuned.

To winnow down the entries, we selected several finalists, who have each received a personal certificate of:

Honorary Mention!

Ages 4-6

Ages 7-9

Ages 10-12

Adara (owl)
Brooke (elephant)
Jack (penguin)
Jayda (T-Rex)

Betsy (clown fish)
Erin (snow grouse)
Kerria (sting ray)
Liam (stick insect)

Haly (thorny devil)
Lachlan (lion)
Meryl (bilby)
Michelle (owl)
Truth (shark)

Big, huge, friendly thanks to all the other kids who entered! They have all received a personal certificate of appreciation from Charlie. Many thanks also to the wonderful judging panel.

Once we get permissions from grownups, we'll post the entries online for the world to see. They truly are amazing.