Great links for kids

Want to have some fun with evolution? Check out these free activities on the web!


Tree of Life
Fly through a giant tree of life and click on creatures to see how we're all related. Some creatures have cool 360-degree models.


Devolve Me
Upload a photo of your face and see what you would look like as a Neanderthal or other human ancestor. Freaky!


Who Wants to Evolve?
In this online game, you start with a bunch of little critters and see if they can survive in their changing world for one million years.


Ray Troll's Artwork
Like funky art? You'll love Ray Troll. On this page, you can "evolve a single cell into that lovable ape we call the Human Being."


Mammal Family Reunion
Tons of cool interactive stuff about how mammals evolved. Come meet your totally weird ancestors.


Tour through Time
There are lots of timelines of evolution on the web, but this one is our favorite, with great illustrations and tons of cool info.


Pets named Darwin
Check out these 83 pets -- dogs, cats, bunnies and birds -- all named "Darwin". So cute!