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"My little ones have been really enjoying the Giant Timeline... I swell with pride when my four year-old sounds out 'Hallucigenia' and 'Triolbite'... " More


"The Giant Timeline has taken the coveted 'favorite book' of my son. He loves it so much that he immediately took it to school to show his kindergarten friends..." More


"It's fun! First my son hopped, stepped and giggled his way down the mat. Then he made himself a Fort-o'-Evolution... " More


"My kids love to walk on the play mat and act out evolution in their own highly creative and hugely inaccurate way. Educational for everyone, hilarious for the onlookers! " More


"Wonderful for homeschoolers or to augment what children learn at school. Plus, for kids that already love dinosaurs--the playmat will help expand their knowledge." More


"Both figuratively and literally, this Giant Timeline Floor Mat covers a whole lot of ground." More


"Over the last month, I have watched [my girls] reach for the Giant Timeline many times... For us, it has been a smashing success. " More


"A fantastic illustration of all the changes on Earth, with simple drawings of creatures from each era and kid-oriented blurbs every step of the way... " More


"We recently went to a reptile show and when my kids got home the first thing they wanted to do was open the Giant Timeline... " More


"Teaches kids all about evolution and the myriad weird critters that slithered and crawled and galumphed along over the past 600 million years... " More


"We love the mat because it goes beyond the dinosaurs everybody already knows about and has included less famous creatures. " More


"Five stars may not be enough! Not a single member of our review team, parents or kids, had ever encountered any game teaching evolution, let alone a game as cool and fun as this one! Absolutely original." More