Very excited to bring this in to my preschool class!


I truly do appreciate having a great kid-friendly tool to be able to help explain things to my very inquisitive kid. You rock!


My seven year old son LOVES LOVES LOVES LOVES the timeline. He has spent so much time reading it, playing with it, walking and running on it. It is by far his favorite Christmas gift and by far the best thing we've purchased in a long time! THANK YOU!!


The other day when my two daughters came home from ballet class, they ran downstairs to get their timeline. I came across them later in their tutus, time-traveling through evolution. They love that thing!


My 3.5 year old son LOVES the Giant Timeline. We pick our favorite creatures and then pretend to be them. Then he runs down the whole timeline and slides when he gets to the end! It's taking a lot of abuse and it still looks great.


Both of our boys love the Giant Timeline Floor Mat. The 8-year-old who is into logic and systems loves reciting the periods and the millions of years. The 5-year-old who is into monsters and explosions loves the unusual looking creatures and the extinctions. We love it because both kids use the word and the concept of "evolution"-albeit at their level of understanding-in the matter-of-fact fashion it deserves.


As a paleontologist and a father of two young kids, I am a big, big fan of Charlie's Playhouse. I've seen their work... and the detail and accuracy is great, which is rare among toys for kids that involve prehistoric animals.


Love the scope of it and the art, love that it folds up into a book, and love that it's durable.


I love your products and I love that you're working to bring evolution to the mainstream!


[Homeschooling mom] Our Giant Timeline is the most helpful resource, and we've had it strewn along our kitchen floor all week long. It's sturdy enough so we all can trample on it and not worry. It really has all the best prehistoric creatures depicted on its pages! As we read books about the various periods, I sometimes have (my daughter) find the animal on her timeline. We love it!


Thank you, thank you and thank you for creating toys that enable moms like me to teach our kids the principles of evolution in a fun and interesting way!


The Charlies Playhouse timeline and cards are awesome - we got them last week and my son (5) has been playing with them every day!


My grandkids love the Timeline and after playing a few games as described on the back, are now making up more games and having a great time with it. The educational uses are tremendous even for adults. Thank you. This is a terrific product!


Who says deep time can't be fun?


I like the phonetic assistance since I'd never figure out how the %&$^ to pronounce those animal names!


We received our timeline and creature cards last week. I just wanted to let you know how wonderful both products are. My 7-year-old son dove right into the timeline. What a great product!


We use the Giant Evolution Timeline and Creature Cards at Camp Quest, and they are a huge hit with kids from a wide range of ages. It's so much fun watching the campers be enthralled by science. I especially encourage groups that are looking to add evolution education into children's programs to pick up this set. It is a fantastic, fun, and easy way to get started!