Evolution & Art Contest Winner in ages 10-12

Abby, age 11!

Abby imagined a population of star-nosed moles that get stranded on a mountainous island. She drew two pictures and even wrote the story of how the moles evolved. Read on...








Well, well, Abby! You have an amazingly deep understanding of how animals change gradually over time. We love your detailed drawings, complete with zoom-ins and field notes. We certainly never expected a poo guide, but now we don't know how we've lived without one so far. Your essay shows how much thought and effort you put into it. Congratulations!



Here's what our judges had to say about Abby's entry!


Very carefully thought out and carefully worded. The language of evolutionary change is tricky and you navigated it very well!


Wow. Thatís all I can say. You impressed me so much! I love the life-size poo drawings and the elaborate back story. Wow. Just wow! Such a nice job. Thank you for sharing. We all enjoyed looking at your drawings and reading your story.


Very well done! The art is great. I like that you describe the poop.

Izzy (age 10):

This is amazing! Very scientific.