Evolution & Art Contest Winner in ages 4-6

Safa, age 5!



Here's what Safa's grownup, Joan, wrote about her entry:

"Snakes that live in a grassy environment are moved to a rocky island with few plants. They develop legs, which makes it much easier to move about. They develop antennae, which offers extra protection moving on rocks, by helping them sense where they are going with both antennae and eyes. They change to a gray color to blend in with the rocks."


Congratulations, Safa! You have a terrific understanding of evolution, showing us three whole different ways the snakes' bodies would change to fit the new environment: legs, antennae and color. We also really loved the two panels in your drawing, showing the snakes in their environments today and in future. The passage of time is so important in evolution!


Here's what our judges had to say about Safa's entry!


I really liked the before and after drawings. The evolved snakes must be doing well -- they're smiling!


I can tell you put a lot of effort into the picture and the words! I also appreciate the comparison between now and the future in the drawing. Such a nice job!


Great idea! Snakes lost their legs once -- now they get them back.

Caleb (age 6):

Great snakes! I love how they evolved legs and antennae! I love how you put "now" and "1 million years" to show how they evolved.