Evolution & Art Contest Winner in ages 7-9

Delaney, age 9!



Delaney imagined a monkey that got stranded on an island with "hard nuts, quiet predators, and purple bushes and trees." Here's what she wrote about how the monkey evolves:

"The monkey evolved sharp teeth to crack hard nuts, large ears to hear predators, and purple-polka-dotted skin to blend in with the trees and bushes."


Congratulations, Delaney! Everyone loved your funky little monkey drawing! You also showed us so many ways that the monkey would adapt, with sharp teeth, large ears, and colorful skin. Well done!


Here's what our judges had to say about Delaney's entry!


I adore this monkey, especially the large ears to hear those quiet predators. Imaginative ‘new world’ and imaginative solutions.


Excellent use of adaptation concepts!


You really understand natural selection! Great monkey drawing (I love his ears!)

Maiya (age 9):

You gave yourself a lot of challenges (food, predators, and environment.) It would have been neat to see the animal in its background. Very adorable drawing!


Note for scandal-mongers: Kate, Charlie's Playhouse president, happens to be on the board of Delaney's dad's organization, Foundation Beyond Belief. "Unfair!" you cry, "that's an inside deal!" Well, just to clarify, 1) Kate was not a judge and had no influence over the judges, 2) none of the judges know Delaney or her dad, 3) the judges saw only blinded entries, stripped of all identity. Delaney won fair and square!